Sticker Requirements

Quantity Size in Pixels
Sticker Thumbnails 35 or more 200 x 200
Sticker Images 35 or more 800 x 800

  • Every sticker pack must have at least 35 sticker images.
  • All sizes are in pixels.
  • All images must be submitted in PNG format.
  • All images must have even-numbered height and width.
  • All images must be 144 dpi or above.
  • All images must use RGB colour mode.
  • All images must have transparent background.
  • All images must be named 1.png to 35.png or more.
  • 2 ZIP files must be submitted, one for sticker thumbnails ( and the other for sticker images (

  • Your first sticker thumbnail will be used as the main thumbnail.
  • Stickers on sale must not be used for advertising purposes. Sticker packs with any form of advertisement in sticker images, titles or text descriptions will be rejected.

Every requirement must be strictly followed. Any sticker pack that doesn’t strictly follow our requirements will be rejected. If your sticker pack gets rejected, you can make changes and resubmit.

If you have any questions, please see our FAQ or contact us at