General Questions

How do I sell on TINKYS Marketplace?

At our marketplace, all sticker and frame packs are well curated. To join, just show us your past work. We're always on the look out for talent.


Whats the pay?

You are paid 40% of your sales revenue. Apple takes a 30% cut for using their platform. TINKYS marketplace takes 30% for using our platform and services.

Can I set my own prices for my stickers and frames?

You can choose any of the pricing listed below for your stickers and frames.


Quantity Price
35 or more USD 0.99
35 or more USD 1.99
35 or more USD 2.99


Quantity Price
15 or more USD 0.99
15 or more USD 1.99
15 or more USD 2.99

Can I change the price for my sticker or frame packs?

You can change the price of your packs whenever you like. However, you will have to resubmit your packs for review. Only after your packs are approved will your pack's price change.

Do stickers and frames go on sale immediately after being submitted for review?

Every pack that is submitted must undergo a review process (minimum of 5 days) to make sure they meet our criteria before they can go on sale. Packs can be sold once they have passed the review. Review guidelines can be found here.

Money Transfers

When and how will my money be transferred?

When you sell stickers or frames, you will receive a monthly report. Payments will be made 50 days of the last day of the fiscal month. After your revenue share is determined, payments will be transfered to your registered PayPal account.

To receive payment, you must have completed all required banking information and your revenue share must exceed THB 500.

Is there a fee charged for transfers made to PayPal accounts?

Yes. A remittance fee will be charged for transfers to PayPal accounts. A foreign exchange fee set by PayPal will also be charged if you wish to receive payment in a currency other than Thai Baht.


How is the use of unauthorised content handled?

The sale of content found to be infringing on rights will be suspended. If you find such content, please contact us via


What does each review status mean?

Status Meaning
Editing The stickers or frames are currently being edited by the seller, and a review has not been requested.
Waiting for Review The seller has submitted their packs for review.
In Review The packs are currently being reviewed by TINKYS Review Team.
Rejected The packs have been rejected because they did not meet the review criteria. Sellers can edit their pack information according to TINKYS Review Team comments and resubmit.
Ready for Sale The packs have passed the review and is now available for sale.
Seller Removed from Sale The seller removed their packs from sale.