Review Guidelines

Sellers can only sell their stickers or frames once it is approved by TINKYS review team. The kinds of designs that are determined by TINKYS to fall under or may fall under the categories listed below will be rejected or removed from sale by our review team. Please review the following guidelines carefully before submitting your stickers or frames.

  • 1. Image Guidelines for Sticker/Frame images and Sticker/Frame thumbnails

  • 1.1 Images that do not follow the format designated by TINKYS
  • 1.2 Images that are just logos
  • 1.3 Images with spelling or grammar mistakes
  • 1.4 Images containing advertising elements
  • 1.5 Sticker or frame packs with titles and descriptions that conflict one another
  • 1.6 Copies of stickers or frames already on sale inside our sticker shop

  • 2. Text Guidelines for Titles, Descriptions, Seller’s Names, and Copyright Information

  • 2.1 Text that does not follow the format designated by TINKYS
  • 2.2 Text containing spelling or grammar mistakes
  • 2.3 Titles or descriptions that contain advertising elements
  • 2.4 Text containing URLs
  • 2.5 Text containing emojis
  • 2.6 Text that conflict with sticker or frame images

  • 3. Moral Guidelines

  • 3.1 Images that encourage or promote criminal activity
  • 3.2 Images that depict violence, child abuse, or pornography
  • 3.3 Images that depict excessive drinking or illegal substance abuse, as well as elements that encourage alcohol or tobacco consumption
  • 3.4 Images that encourage driving under the influence of alcohol
  • 3.5 Images that depict illegal arms realistically, or might promote the use thereof
  • 3.6 Images used for spamming or phishing users
  • 3.7 Images that graphically depict the murder, shooting, stabbing, or torture of people or animals
  • 3.8 Images that may slander, injure, or attack the reputation of a particular person, legal entity, nationality, or group
  • 3.9 Images that disclose or could potentially disclose personal or third party information
  • 3.10 Images that display overly offensive or crass images
  • 3.11 Images that may potentially attack or cause particular displeasure to a religion, culture, people group, or nationality
  • 3.12 Images designed to solicit or spread religion, or with strong religious components
  • 3.13 Images with political imagery or regarding elections
  • 3.14 Images designed to confuse or create hate
  • 3.15 Images that contain sexual expressions
  • 3.16 Images that encourage gambling or elements related to gambling
  • 3.17 Images that induce or encourage suicide, self-harm, or drug abuse
  • 3.18 Images that otherwise depict antisocial elements that may cause discomfort

  • 4. Business, Advertising, and Other Guidelines

  • 4.1 Images that require the user to provide personal information
  • 4.2 Images that exceed the boundaries of private use and are designed to provide benefit to a third party whether for free or for compensation, such as corporate advertising campaign
  • 4.3 Images that contain references to other apps
  • 4.4 Images design for business advertisement
  • 4.5 Images designed to collect donations for charity

  • 5. Rights and Legal Guidelines

  • 5.1 Images that infringe trademarks, copyrights, or patents held by TINKYS or third parties, or violate the conditions of third parties
  • 5.2 Images that make use of material without proven permission from the copyright owner
  • 5.3 Images that do not adhere to the laws of the regions in which the TINKYS service is available, or infringe on third party rights or profits


In addition to the guidelines listed above, TINKYS may stop the sale the ANY stickers or frames that it deems to be inappropriate.

If you have any questions, please see our FAQ or contact us at